We are one of the oldest Indian Restaurants in Somerset -
established 1976!


We are at:

54 Clare Street
Somerset  TA6 3EN

Telephone 01278 424416
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About Indian Food  

Descriptions of Indian Food and Curry Styles

Balti Medium Hot.  Cooked according to our own recipe with fresh ginger, garlic, green peppers and specially selected spices giving the real taste of Balti food.  The meat, chicken or prawn is first cooked in a clay oven then according to Balti recipe served with Basmati Pilao Rice. Click here to see Balti dishes on our menu
Bangali Fish Dishes Made to our own recipe with a special combination of secret spices!  Click here to see Bangali Fish Dishes on our menu
Bhoona Medium hot.  Dry curry with spices and onions - slightly spicy - click to see prawn bhoonas.
Bhuna Medium hot.  Cooked with tomato, onion and fresh herbs.  Click here to see Bhuna dishes on our menu.
Biriani All Biriani dishes are cooked with Basmati rice, coconut powder and special spices according to India's best Biriani recipe and served with medium or hot vegetable curry - click here for Biriani dishes on our menu.
Bombay Medium hot.  Cooked with potatoes.  Click here to see Bombay dishes on our menu.
Ceylon Medium hot.  Cooked with sweet and sour sauce.   Click here to see Ceylon dishes on our menu.
Dansak Hot.  Cooked with lentils, sweet and sour sauce.    Click to see prawn dansak or click here to see meat dansak dishes on our menu.
Dupiaza Medium hot.  Cooked with chopped onions.  Slightly spicy.  Click to see prawn dupiaza or meat dupiaza dishes on our menu.
Kashmir Mild.  Cooked with fruits.  Click here to see Kashmir dishes on our menu.
Korhi Medium hot.  Cooked according to India's no. 1 Karachi recipe including oriental spices, fresh ginger, garlic and capsicum, served with Basmati Pilao Rice.  Click here to see Korhi Dishes on our menu
Korma Very mild.  Cooked with coconut powder, yoghurt and fresh cream.  Click to see prawn korma or meat korma on our menu.
Madras Fairly hot curry.  Click to see meat madras or click to see prawn madras dishes on our menu.
Malaya Mild.  Cooking with pineapple.  Click here to see chicken or meat malaya dishes on our menu.
Moglia Medium to madras hot.  Click here to see moglia dishes on our menu.
Patia Hot, sweet and dry dish.  Click here to see patia dishes on our menu.
Rogion Medium hot.  Cooked with onion, tomato and green peppers.  Click here to see Rogion dishes on our menu.
Sylhet's Specials This dish is cooked to Sylhet's special recipe.  The chicken used in this dish is first half cooked in a clay oven and then cooked with a very pleasant flavour sauce and spices.  This dish is served with Mushroom Bhajee and Pilao Rice. Click here to see Sylhet's specials on our menu.
Tandoori Tandoori dishes are known for their distinguished aroma and taste, and are not curry dishes.  Chicken, lamb or king prawn marinated in a yoghurt, mint sauce, spices and herbs, then skewered and cooked in a traditional clay oven over charcoal.  These dishes are served in a sizzled dish with mint sauce and fresh green salad. Click here to see the Tandoori specialities on our menu
Vindaloo Very hot curry!  Click to see meat vindaloo or click to see prawn vindaloo on our menu.


For Take-Away Orders Tel: 01278 424416 - Please mention this website when calling!